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Book review of Housewife Theologian finally!

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Housewife Theologian


Aimee Byrd


Aimee is a very impressive articulate writer to say the least. Of course if you follow her blog Housewife Theologian, you already know this. Don’t expect the bar to be any lower in her book. In fact I found quiet the opposite to be true. Maybe it’s because I’m a French Canadian and English is my second language, but Byrd really has an eloquent vocabulary. Reading her serves to be very inspiring and knowledgeable for my own personal writing skills!

But this is very secondary to her teaching gift that she pens so elegantly into her book! I say this because I know a really good book when I read one. Not because I like the author, which I do! Yet because beyond that, and most assuredly since it is based on the word of God, the Scriptures. Amiee constantly brings her readers to think on the Word and learn to live, breath and love it. Like she often says to us, “learn to be good theologians”. Discerning between the truth and the lies by knowing our God and His word. She desires to awaken in us a true love and passion for Christ as women right where we are. That being, even if we are choosing to be delightful “housewives!”

Don’t be fooled though by her title! I personally believe that the title does not fully put into full value and do justice to the great stuff this book contains, if you where to stop there. It could be misleading if you don’t read on. What I mean is the book is filled with great knowledge that goes way beyond what one might expect behind a title containing such a word  like  “housewife.” Which Aimee explains well in her book. Once you start reading, you quickly comprehend where the author is going with such a title and why she chose that specific word. I hope that women will not get stuck on this word – “housewife” and move beyond it, so that they may be blessed by the richness of what Aimee has written in this book.

The book is filled with solid theological teachings that are much needed. Not just for married women I might add but for all women. It just might bring an awakening of our lack of many misunderstandings in our comprehension of biblical foundations that need adjustments. Or, it could confirm what we already believed and affirm our faith! Either way, Aimee has done a wonderful job in delivering us a well thought out book that is written with great candor.

This is far from being a « Martha Stewart » book on the how too’s of cooking and such things. Not that I have anything against those kinds of books.   But if this is what you are expecting, well you won’t find it in this book. 

What was interesting to me was to see the entire different subjects that Byrd intertwined into her book. Many I didn’t expect. I guess with that title I had a preconceived idea of what I was going to read. This book was like a cracker jack box for me. It was full of wonderful surprises that I found great delight in reading. Subject like sin, submission, friendship, hospitality, sexuality, biblical femininity, true Christian unity and many more interesting subjects.

After every chapter there are journaling questions that are deep and stimulating for the mind spiritually. They can be done alone or in small groups with other woman. This would also be a great book to do with someone you are mentoring.  

I strongly suggest that you invest in a few dollars into this book and you won’t regret your money’s worth! There is much to gleam from and you will read it most likely more than once. This is one high quality book, based on the Word of God with a writer that certainly knows how to deliver a good message. I think  all Christian woman would greatly profit from the reading of Byrd’s book. I highly recommend it!

Ann L Beaulieu



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