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Book Review – Beautiful Lies

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Beautiful Lies


Jennifer Strickland

Beautiful Lies

It didn’t take long to comprehend once I got into this book that the writer really knew what she was talking about. Lies, and living your life based on them, is something she can write about! We quickly pick up that Jennifer Strickland has experienced what she is writing about. Is there anything more reassuring when reading about such a sensitive subject than knowing that the author has been down that very road? I found it uplifting and comforting to have someone who’s been through such hardships, now being capable of total abandonment of her past. Liberated because of God and now serving God! Which is one reason her book is probably such a great comfort and brings us to the feet of Christ. It gives us hope that all is possible…by the power of Jesus Christ.

One thing that I definitely loved of Strickland is that she constantly brings us back to God, his Word and the importance of finding our worth and identity in Him alone. What a contrast with this world that tries to fill our minds with lies! I loved and applauded this of her. As Strickland clearly explains, we desperately need to find our true identity in Christ alone.

We are obsessed with body image, self love, sexual freedom, our worth in what others say of us, anorexia, binges, over exercising, glamour, modeling and fashion. These are just a few subjects she writes about and how the culture feeds us lies that we so eagerly bite into. She on the other hand, counter attacks these powerfully lies with the truths of the Word of God.

I especially loved this quote at the very start – » Lies can be pretty but the truth is Beautiful. As hard as it is to look it square in the eye, truth does free us. »

Bull’s eye! It is a great way to start. No fuss, straight to the point. Strickland goes to the heart of things and doesn’t mince words. Yet, it is always with the love and truth of the Lord. All this, considering she has suffered firsthand and still has the scares today. Yes, God heals. Yet, as we know, we must live with the consequences from our choices.

After my reading of this book, I was deeply encouraged, moved to reach out and be more engaged in the life of younger women. The younger generation needs to be supported by woman who desire to live Titus 2:3-5. Who will pour out these godly truths in the lives of the ones who so profoundly need to hear them and see them lived out?

I couldn’t recommend this book enough for all generations of Christian women! We all need it. Whether it is as a reminder of these lies or simply to be inspired to be the spiritual mother of a young lady in need, I recommend this book.

* I have received a free copy of the book Beautiful lies by Harvest House Publishers.  However I am under no obligation to write a positive review. These are entirely my own personal opinions and thoughts expressed according to my own discernment.

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