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Book Review – Prayer Warrior Mom

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Prayer Warrior Mom

Prayer Warrior Mom by Marla Alupoaicei

In order to fully appreciate « Prayer Warrior Mom« , at times I found it best to remind myself of those days when I was a younger mother and not as knowledgeable spiritually. Those where many years ago!  In doing so, I was capable of putting myself in the shoes of a younger mother and remember just how inadequate we can sometimes feel when it comes to our prayer life.

In “Prayer Warrior Mom” Marla Alupoaicei is quick to remind us of our need to run to the cross for many of these inadequacies we might recognize, in order to be an effective Prayer warrior mom. Doesn’t every mother want to be an effective prayer warrior for her child? Yes, of course! Yet, as most of us find out sooner than later, many times we don’t do what we planned out to do. Or maybe we do it but our prayers just don’t turn out the way we expected them to. Thus, leaving us with this guilty feeling that overwhelms us and leads us to the inability to pray because of the lies we believe. In her book she goes through many wonderful subjects to help us deepen our love for prayer, such as understanding through the love of Scripture and knowing God more profoundly.

Close to the end of the book, I was stunned to realize that even though I am soon to be a grandmother, I’m a prayer warrior mom. Because after all, when you’re a mom, there is really no age at which you stop praying for your children, is there? I’ m still praying for my son and he is soon to be a father himself and almost in his thirties.  This book is for all mom’s, whatever your age is. I am already covering my unborn grandchild, James, with showers of prayers.

There are some places I did have issues with figures of speech that the author uses all through her book. Expression such as; I clearly heard God say, the Lord told me. I won’t go into a theological debate here because I do understand what Alupoaicei means by those expressions. I simply believe that to write in such a way could be misleading or misinterpreted. Even if the author does take the precautions to explain carefully what she is trying to say by those expressions, I would not use those terms.

Overall, this is a great book that is sure to be helpful for moms who need the special budge on lifting up their prayer life a notch!

* I have received a free copy of the book Prayer Warrior Mom by BookSneeze® However I am under no obligation to write a positive review. These are entirely my own personal opinions and thoughts expressed according to my own discernment.

Ann L Beaulieu