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Mon intercession dans la prière… / My intercession in prayer time…

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Mon intercession dans la prière…

C’est pourquoi, nous aussi, depuis le jour où nous l’avons appris, nous ne cessons de prier Dieu pour vous et de demander que vous soyez remplis de la connaissance de sa volonté. En toute sagesse et intelligence spirituelle, pour que vous vous comportiez d’une manière digne du Seigneur, afin de lui plaire à toutes sortes d’œuvres bonnes, que vous croissiez dans la connaissance de Dieu et que vous deveniez puissants à tous égards par sa force glorieuse, en vue d’une persévérance et d’une patience à toute épreuve. Avec joie, rendez grâce au Père qui vous a rendu capable d’accéder à la part d’héritage de saints dans la lumière.

                                                                                        Colossiens 1 : 9-12

Lors de mon temps de culte personnel avec mon Dieu ce matin, j’ai médité sur ces versets. J’aime tellement ces versets parce qu’ils sont remplis de richesses et en plus Paul nous enseigne comment nous pouvons prier pour nos amies chrétiennes. Ces versets nous montrent clairement les priorités de Paul lorsqu’il prie pour ses amis. Il ne prie pas pour des choses non signifiantes, mais pour des choses du royaume de Dieu. Tout est centré autour de Dieu et sur sa volonté. Grandir dans sa connaissance, pour sa gloire et son royaume.

Ceci a soulevé des questionnements vis-à-vis de ma façon de prier pour mes amies chrétiennes.

  • Mes prières sont-elles centrées sur la gloire du royaume de Dieu?
  • Est-ce que je prie pour que mes amies croissent dans la connaissance de Dieu?

–       Qu’elles portent du fruit et qu’elles marchent d’une manière digne du Seigneur?

Ou bien

–       Est-ce que je prie plus pour des choses du monde…?

Honnêtement, je crois que trop souvent je dérive de choses signifiantes pour passer aux choses secondaires. Ainsi, je place des choses secondaires en priorité!  Ceci ne veut pas dire que tout ce que je prie n’est pas bon en soi. Par contre comme enfant de Dieu, nous devons intercéder avec des prières ferventes pour ces vertus que Paul nous souligne avec intensité. D’une certaine manière, je crois que nos requêtes de prières changeraient avec le temps si nous méditions davantage sur ces versets plus profondément. Voir notre Dieu dans toute sa gloire et le connaitre encore plus changerait et diminuerait considérablement les choses d’ici bas versus les choses éternelles à venir.

Une chose que Paul nous rappelle de faire est ceci :

«… avec joie, rendez grâce au Père.»

  •  Pourquoi?

Parce qu’il nous a rendus capables d’accéder à la part d’héritage  des saints dans la lumière. Il nous a délivrés de l’autorité des ténèbres.

  •  Avons-nous besoin d’une meilleure raison?

Malheureusement, je suis coupable de parfois mettre aux oubliettes ce cadeau de grâce merveilleux de Jésus-Christ et cela m’amène occasionnellement à être… ingrate.

Moment de repentance, temps de pardon, recevoir Sa grâce! Amen.

Dans la réalité de ces étapes, du moins pour ma vie, elles sont comme des marches que je gravis avec douceur et élégance, tout en appréciant chaque mouvement qui s’impose pour atteindre l’autre marche sachant bien que les efforts se font par la puissance de l’Esprit qui m’habite.

Méditer sur ces versets est une grande bénédiction. Les pratiquer par la puissance de l’Esprit et prier pour être remplie de Sa sagesse pour marcher d’une manière qui lui est digne est mon plus grand désir. Je prie qu’il soit le vôtre aussi.

Dans son amour,

Ann L Beaulieu


My intercession in prayer time…

For this reason also, since the day we heard of it, we have not ceased to pray for you and to ask that you may be filled with the knowledge of His will in all spiritual wisdom and understanding, so that you will walk in a manner worthy of the Lord, to please Him in all respects, bearing fruit in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God; strengthened with all power, according to His glorious might, giving thanks to the Father, who has qualified us to share in the inheritance of the saints in Light.

                                                                                                            Colossians 1: 9-12

During my quiet time with The Lord this morning I mediated on theses verses. I so love them because they are filled with richness, plus they are a beautiful example of how Paul prayed for the Christians. They clearly reveal to us Paul’s priority when praying for his beloved friends. He wasn’t praying for insignificant things but for the things of the kingdom of God. Everything is centered around God and for his will. Growing in his knowledge for his glory, and kingdom.

This brought me to question my prayers pertaining as to how I pray for Christian friends.

  • Are my prayers centered on the kingdom of Gods glory?
  • Do I pray that my Christian friends be increasing in the knowledge of God, strengthened with His power?
  • That they may bear fruit and walk in a manner worthy of The Lord?
  • Or am I praying more for earthly things …?

Honestly, I believe that to many times I drift away from the “significant” to pray for secondary things. Therefore secondary things become priority!  Not to say that what I am praying for isn’t important. Yet  as children of our Lord, we ought to be interceding fervently for these virtues that Paul underlines so intensively. Yes – No ?

However, I believe our prayer request would change in time if we would meditate on these verses more deeply. Seeing God in all His glory and knowing Him more would make things of this world diminish considerably compared to the eternal things to come.

One thing Paul does remind us to do is; joyously give thanks to the Father.

Why? Because He has qualified us to share in the inheritance of the saints in Light.  Do we need a better reason than that!

I know I am sometimes unfortunately, forgetful of this gracious gift from Jesus Christ and that leads me to be at times…ungrateful.

Repentance time, forgiveness time and receiving His grace! Amen.

Writes and reads easy! Yet in reality at least for me, they are like « steps » I climb up graciously and softly while appreciating each moment thoroughly. Making sure to celebrate and appreciate every moment that is imposed when climbing the next step all the while knowing fully well that this is possible only by the Holy Spirits help.

Mediating on these verses is such a great blessing. Practicing this by the help of the Spirit and praying to be filled with Gods wisdom while walking in manner worthy of The Lord is my deepest desire. I pray it is also yours today.

In His love,

Ann L Beaulieu

Book Review – Prayer Warrior Mom

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Prayer Warrior Mom

Prayer Warrior Mom by Marla Alupoaicei

In order to fully appreciate « Prayer Warrior Mom« , at times I found it best to remind myself of those days when I was a younger mother and not as knowledgeable spiritually. Those where many years ago!  In doing so, I was capable of putting myself in the shoes of a younger mother and remember just how inadequate we can sometimes feel when it comes to our prayer life.

In “Prayer Warrior Mom” Marla Alupoaicei is quick to remind us of our need to run to the cross for many of these inadequacies we might recognize, in order to be an effective Prayer warrior mom. Doesn’t every mother want to be an effective prayer warrior for her child? Yes, of course! Yet, as most of us find out sooner than later, many times we don’t do what we planned out to do. Or maybe we do it but our prayers just don’t turn out the way we expected them to. Thus, leaving us with this guilty feeling that overwhelms us and leads us to the inability to pray because of the lies we believe. In her book she goes through many wonderful subjects to help us deepen our love for prayer, such as understanding through the love of Scripture and knowing God more profoundly.

Close to the end of the book, I was stunned to realize that even though I am soon to be a grandmother, I’m a prayer warrior mom. Because after all, when you’re a mom, there is really no age at which you stop praying for your children, is there? I’ m still praying for my son and he is soon to be a father himself and almost in his thirties.  This book is for all mom’s, whatever your age is. I am already covering my unborn grandchild, James, with showers of prayers.

There are some places I did have issues with figures of speech that the author uses all through her book. Expression such as; I clearly heard God say, the Lord told me. I won’t go into a theological debate here because I do understand what Alupoaicei means by those expressions. I simply believe that to write in such a way could be misleading or misinterpreted. Even if the author does take the precautions to explain carefully what she is trying to say by those expressions, I would not use those terms.

Overall, this is a great book that is sure to be helpful for moms who need the special budge on lifting up their prayer life a notch!

* I have received a free copy of the book Prayer Warrior Mom by BookSneeze® However I am under no obligation to write a positive review. These are entirely my own personal opinions and thoughts expressed according to my own discernment.

Ann L Beaulieu