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Book review of an inspiring true story of courage and much more!

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Book Review


This is an amazing book for many reasons. If you know nothing at all about this young girl’s story, all I can say is that this is one that doesn’t end well according to our earthly standards. I mean, no one in their right mind desires for their child to die of cancer at such a young age. Right? And with such a rare cancer at that, nobody!

As I read this biography of this young courageous girl living with this cancer called DIPG, I keep thinking of the statistics which have shown that most kids with DIPG don’t survive even a full year and, tragically, 99% of them die!

Cancer has no friends, no gender, no morals, no limits, no age and no family. It is a result of the fall in the Garden of Eden in the beginning of creation. Sin has brought it upon us. We are now living the aftermath of sin and cancer is part of it. It’s sad and I, like most people, want to avoid it. But life doesn’t work that way as this family soon found out…

After reading this true story, I was left with an even more profound truth on my heart that in each of our lives our days are counted and we are to live for a purpose: glorifying God. Of course we know this, but do we live it?

Despite her very young age, I believe Jessie Rees had a sense of this purpose without even knowing it. That is what makes her special even today though she is gone, yet still very present in many people’s lives. She desired to turn her grief outwardly in helping others rather than focusing on herself during her cancer. At her young age, this is remarkably awesome. She was barely 11 years old and already teaching adults by her living through suffering and acting in love, gratitude, kindness, selflessness and acceptance of God’s sovereignty in her own life.

Her wish was to give and share the joy by granting those who were sick the opportunity to receive a gift while they were going through treatments at the hospital. She wanted to give them something to make them smile, spreading joy and hope! What a wonderful heart of kindness and overflow of love. This is where her idea of Joy Jars started and her famous statement of NEGU (never ever give up). All she wanted to do was help those kids she saw… at a time in her life where she was the one who needed it the most!

This story is not one of easy reading; it brought much tears and heartache. I can only imagine the deep pain of losing a child to such a terrible disease. The only comfort as her father repeats is that she is with her Savior and cancer free. I especially appreciated the honesty of Mr. Rees through this painful trial as he graciously permits us to embark along with him and his family. I believe he has granted us a true gift in writing us this book and opening us this window of their precious life to so many. Thank you!

I was deeply inspired by this young courageous girl. Her love for her Lord, her desire to live a life fully and spread joy to others as often and however she could, despite her situation, truly compels me to imitate her. She is a beautiful example of unconditional love. God did not grant her many years to live, yet the years she lived were worth much gold… Oh how much! She died young but she left a legacy behind that has inspired many and is still encouraging today.

Ann L Beaulieu

I have received a free copy by Handlebar Publishing. However I am under no obligation to write a positive review. These are entirely my own personal opinions and thoughts expressed according to my own discernment.

When God Intervenes – Revue/Book Review

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When God Intervenes


Dabney Hedegard


Somehow reading true stories gives me the impression that my reading is more significant or productive. This type of reading provides me with both the benefit of experience and the sentiments, which I am sometimes left with after having read such sort of books.

In general, after reading the back cover as reference, you sort of think you know or guessed what your in for. Actually, this is not quite what you will be getting in this case. Hedegard writes brilliantly and honestly, all the while going straight to the point. Her writing style is remarkably transparent, simple yet elegant. She graciously opens her tumultuous life to us over a period of 10 years. It’s as if we are riding a roller coaster with her. You will be in need of a tissue, that’s guarantied!

October 28, 1988 – This is where we start our journey of faith through the eyes of an extraordinary couple! That day Dabney learns she has cancer. She has an eight-inch mass in her chest, about the size of a football; which is causing her pain and difficulty to breath. Being pregnant is complicating things for the treatments of chemotherapy…she is now in her sixth week of pregnancy and must make a choice about her treatments. So, the big questions is asked:

  • Will she risk her life and continue to suffer without the treatments for as long as possible, while the cancer continues to do its damage for the sake of protecting her child or will she..?

From there on everything seems to go down into a spiral, tragedy after tragedy.

Despite everything, we see them growing spiritually, being rooted and affirmed more every day, overcoming ordeal after ordeal. I appreciate enormously the way Dabney was open from the very start about her relationship with God. Neither her nor her husband really were consecrated at first to God, and she doesn’t presume otherwise. This I believe makes their testimony even more powerful, genuine, truthful, and inspiring. Since we are able to see the work of the Holy Spirit in their lives. It is Him who fortified their faith through their trials over time. In reading her memoir, we clearly see their faith being built up as the trials come one after the other, along with their consecration in God. The Lord uses her husband Jason, who helps and encourages her enormously. He is extremely inspiring and has an unshakeable faith in God. What a marvelous godly man for his wife!

I could write a lot more things, but I don’t want to sell the “punch”! Yet I do want to say that this book is a book of faith, courage, confidence, love, and dependence on God. Which makes us first see in priority the work of God: His work in their lives.

It’s a marvelous testimony of God’s work in the life of those who chose to have confidence and depend on Him!

A personal note to the author:

Thank you for giving Him the glory and for having the faith to walk in His paths that He had prepared for you to walk through. Despite all your many tragedies, you are an inspiration because you both kept your eyes on the only one who could give you hope: God. I loved reading your book and I was greatly encouraged by your faith”.

Ann L Beaulieu

* I have received a free e-book of When God Intervenes by Tyndale Publishers.  However I am under no obligation to write a positive review. These are entirely my own personal opinions and thoughts expressed according to my own discernment.


When God Intervenes


Dabney Hedegard

Lire de vraies histoires me donne toujours l’impression que mes lectures sont plus productives et/ou significatives. Ce genre de lecture me procure toujours un bénéfice tant pour l’expérience que pour les sentiments qui s’y rattachent.

En général, lorsqu’on lit le petit résumé sur la jaquette arrière d’un livre, on pense savoir ce qu’il contient. Bien, voilà, ce n’est pas vraiment ce qui se passe dans ce cas-ci! Hedegard écrit d’une façon géniale et honnête, tout en allant droit au but. Son écriture est d’une transparence remarquable, simple et élégante. Elle nous ouvre gracieusement les portes de sa vie tumultueuse sur une période de 10 ans. C’est comme si nous parcourions des montagnes russes avec elles. Vous aurez besoin de vos papiers mouchoirs, c’est garanti!

Octobre 28, 1988 – C’est ici que commence notre parcours de foi à travers les yeux d’un couple incroyable. Cette journée-là, Dabney apprend qu’elle a un cancer. Elle a une masse de huit pouces dans sa cage thoracique, presque la grosseur d’un ballon de football; ce qui lui causait de la douleur ainsi que de la difficulté à respirer. Être enceinte complique les choses pour les traitements de chimio… elle est dans sa sixième semaine de grossesse, elle doit donc maintenant faire un choix pour ces traitements.

Donc, la grande question qui s’impose :

  • Va-t-elle risquer sa vie et continuer à souffrir sans traitement, le plus longtemps possible, pendant que le cancer continue à faire du dommage à son corps?

À partir de là, tout s’écroule en spirale, tragédie après tragédie.

Malgré tout, nous les voyons grandir spirituellement, s’affirmer et s’enraciner davantage, tout en surmontant les épreuves. J’apprécie énormément la façon dont Dabney a été ouverte dès le début en ce qui concerne sa relation avec Dieu. Ni elle, ni son mari n’étaient vraiment consacrés au Seigneur au début, et elle ne prétend pas le contraire. Voilà ce qui rend leur témoignage d’autant plus authentique, véridique et inspirant. Puisque nous voyons que c’est bien l’œuvre de L’Esprit dans leur vie. C’est Lui qui a fortifié leur foi à travers les épreuves et le temps. En lisant son mémoire, on voit très bien que leur foi est construite au fur et à mesure que les épreuves arrivent. Le Seigneur utilise son mari, Jason, qui l’aide et l’encourage énormément. Il est très inspirant et d’une foi inébranlable. Quel homme merveilleux pour sa femme!

Je pourrais écrire encore bien des choses, mais je ne veux pas vous vendre le « punch » ! Par contre, je peux vous dire que ce livre est une livre de foi, de courage, de confiance, d’amour et de dépendance à Dieu. Ce qui nous fait voir en priorité l’œuvre de Dieu : Son travail dans leurs vies.

Merveilleux témoignage de l’œuvre de Dieu pour ceux qui font confiance et qui dépendent entièrement de Lui!

Petit mot à l’auteur :

« Merci de LUI avoir donné la gloire et d’avoir eu la foi de marcher dans la voie qu’il vous a fait passer. Malgré toutes vos tragédies, vous êtes un encouragement parce que vous avez gardé les yeux sur Le seul qui pouvaient vous donner l’espoir : Dieu. J’ai aimé lire votre livre et j’ai été grandement encouragée par votre foi.

*J’ai reçu ce livre gratuitement de Tyndale House Publishers. Par contre, cela ne m’impose aucune obligation. Je suis libre d’écrire favorablement ou pas, en donnant mon opinion personnelle, selon mon discernement et mes pensées.

Ann L Beaulieu