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Praising God despite our situation!

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Much to my own surprise I find myself writing my blog this morning in English! Ha, what a delight, and that above all for me 🙂 . I had said that I would once in a while write a blog in English but as of yet, well I hadn’t gotten around to it I guess. Or actually I just didn’t do it to be honest. So, finally here it is!  As for what it’s worth, that remains to be seen, well actually, read, ha! I love humor.

Most of my readers I presume are French because I am blogging in French 99% of the time, which makes sense to presume this, right! Smart girl, yeah I know! But I do have some readers who are English speaking and who have said to me that they would like to read some stuff on my blog in English, so hey, this is the day! I am after all the one that is responsible for this blog, so I can do as I please. This is actually very amusing that I get to do it both in English and in French. I pray that you will be encouraged and edified by what you will read and that God may use it to excite you in your walk with Him during this day.

I want to share with you something I read recently that struck a cord in my heart because I believe that as Christians most of us have at least once in our life felt that pain or been there a couple of times (more often that we care to admit).

We say we believe in God’s Sovereignty and we praise God for all He does in our lives. Especially when things are going good for us. Then, when things get ruff a bit, well, we start slowing down, and our praises are also diminishing.

Why is that?

Is God less Souvereign?

Has our faith failed the test?

Good questions to ask ourselves don’t you think?

Well, I have asked myself these questions and I have come up with some very simple answers that I would like to share with you.

I truly believe that it is so much easier to praise our Lord when all is calm in our lives and without tribulations. It is not hard in those moments to believe that our God is Souverain and in control of everything. Why doubt, all is perfect and dandy? Praise comes naturally and we exalt God for everything, it’s easy.

All our emotions, our heart and even our mind is focused on God. So practicing – And He said to him, ‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind,’ Matthew 22:37 does not demand that much of us in those moments when you stop yourself for a few seconds to consider it?

So, here is where the rubber meets the road! When trials and tribulations come into our lives, do we still feel like God is Souvereign? Because He is. The Bible says He is. Therefore it is not a question of our emotions, which is so wonderful, isn’t it?

This is where our verse Matthew 22:37 gets interesting because, now try applying that when you are in the middle of a trial and your not feeling that God is Souvereign as much. Oh! You will most likely never say it out loud, or at least not to anyone close to you, maybe own it to yourself if your honest. But you might doubt God, or feel like God isn’t Souvereign anymore!!! Like “hey Lord, what are you doing up there?”  Praising God in these moments is soooooooo very hard, yet so necessary for us as God’s children.

These are moments that build our faith in Christ and help us believe that God is in fact very much in control despite the fact that we don’t know what He’s doing, why He’s doing it or even permitting it sometimes. But in all that we know, He is watching over his beloved children and nothing happens without Him knowing it. And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.  Romans 8: 28 

Let’s encourage each other to pursue in the test of our faith. We will have tribulations in our lives. That is a promise God himself tells us through the Bible if we are children of God, so we need to expect them. The only way to stand firm and be strong is to feed on the Word of God and give him praise for ALL that happens in our lives.  No matter if it is good or bad according to us, (the trial or tribulation), may our praise bring glory and honor to our GOD because He is worthy of our praises, because He is Souvereign!

Through Him then, let us continually offer up a sacrifice of praise to God, that is, the fruit of lips that give thanks to His name.

Hebrews 13:15

Ann L Beaulieu

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4 réflexions sur “Praising God despite our situation!

  1. Very good thought but I would like to add that if we have wrong feelings ,( even believing in the sovereignty of God,) it is wise to talk to God and telling him how we feel in the middle of this trial. David did it in the psalms and most of them end out on a praise note and God really gives us his peace. I experienced it personnally.


    • Dear Lise,
      So very true! How kind of you to bring this pearl of wisdom to us, especially since I had forgotten to underline that very important point and truth. I had thought about it but completely forgot to write it in the blog. Yet God in His grace placed it on your heart to share it with us, thank you.
      Much appreciate that you would take the time to single this out.
      As you say, sharing everything, whether it is good or bad, at the end most times, if we keep our eyes on God it turns to praise. Thank you, Ann


  2. Thank you ! C’est exactement ce que j’avais besoin de lire ce matin.


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