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Book Review on Active Spirituality

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Book Review

Active Spirituality 


Brian Hedge


I actually do not know how or where to start my book review and I have done a few. So it’s not that I don’t know how there done! The thing is I’m overwhelmed in about what I need to say because almost all the Book is highlighted. This is an outstanding book to say the least! I am speechless or rather “wordless” about how I should bring forth to you my readers what is most important, because it seems that everything the author talks about is relevant. The thing is he touches on so many subjects and all of them are so brilliantly expressed in an articulate manner based on Sola Scriptura that it’s amazing and encouraging to read. It also reveals to the reader all that they may be struggling with and unsure of in certain issues in his or her life.

The format Hedges uses in the book is of writing as a pastor and answering back to a young man in letters, which makes for a wonderful read. The chapters are short and yet packed with insightful information all at once. I love how he blends his letters with some Puritan quotes along with Bible passages. It enriches the essence of our understanding of each subject, which encourages us to come to grips with them if we haven’t already understood them well.

This is a book that helps you be even more convicted of some biblical foundations and be rooted strongly in them more than ever. Or, it might just help you understand all your misconception if you have any, and nudge you to come to a clearer conviction based on the passages that he develops and then gives a clear explanation that is so well articulated. Nothing fancy just plain and simple!

I believe all Christians should read this book. Whether it is to reaffirm their faith or just to be encouraged in their spiritual walk. It would be a wonderful gift to offer a new Christian that’s for sure. He does admit to being a Reformed Baptist close to the end, yet somehow I found that this in no way came in contrast to my own personal biblical foundations or faith, and did not keep me from appreciating all the truths that Hedge so clearly exposed from the Scriptures. If we keep our minds focused on the truth of the Word then we can only be swayed from the Word! Putting aside the author and letting the Word speak is what is most important and that is what this author has been capable of doing in this book. I absolutely loved this book, really. So far I’d say it’s my number 1 of 2014 … but the year isn’t over yet!  But this is a really a GOOD one, REALLY!!!

Let’s see here are a few subjects he touches on that I really enjoyed:

Grace verses works

Here’s a quote from the book that I loved.

« While grace is opposed to works in any kind of legalistic sense of earning favor, it isn’t opposed to our action and effort. Rather, grace produces our effort and sustains it.  »

Brian Hedges. « Active Spirituality.»

Is salvation unconditional?

He also talks about how « our culture tends to equate love with tolerance. » « But true love is not always tolerant. »

Another subject he touches on is the biblical metaphor of the Christian life being a fight and the need for us to put on God’s armor.

Our need for developing a Spiritual Growth Plan

These are just a few things that are in the book and frankly these are only the just the ones you actually would expect to find. I keep the others silent leaving you to discover them for yourself!

I want to leave you with a quote from his book and I am overwhelmed as to which one because as I said the book is almost all highlighted. But I must make a choice…

« First-century athletes ran in the nude, so that clothing wouldn’t entangle their feet, and Christians must metaphorically strip from our lives anything that keeps us from Jesus. »

Brian Hedges. « Active Spirituality. »

Something to mediate one while your waiting for your book to arrive!


Here is an interview with Brian Hedge that you can listen to of a discussion on his book done by Shaun Tabatt at http://BibleGeekGoneWild.com/100 or just click here;



Ann L Beaulieu

*I have received a free copy by Cross Focus. However I am under no obligation to write a positive review. These are entirely my own personal opinions and thoughts expressed according to my own discernment.

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